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Admissions & Enrollment

At Quality Medical Solutions,LLC, we believe education transforms lives. That’s why we invite you to review the information below and start the admissions process with us today. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Ability to Pay as You Go Tuition!

Courses: Feature
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Certified Professional   

Coder Course

Classroom Course

Our classroom course consists of 20 classes held the first and third Saturday of each month for 4 hours. Upon completion of the 80-Hour course, the student will earn 1-Year Medical Coding Experience. 

Online Course

  1. Access to Online Training Modules

  2. Online Review Test for each Chapter

  3. Instructor Assistance

  4. Tutoring Sessions upon "Availibility"

* Course price varies pending option.

Adult Students

Risk Adjustment /HCC Training Seminar

As a Certified Professional Coder, you have many opportunities of advancement in the medical coding industry with a specialty such as the Risk Adjustment/HCC Coding. 

This 1 day hybrid seminar can prepare you for your next certification. Ask us about our Early Bird Registration Package to save $30!



  1. Locally Catered Meals & Refreshments

  2. AAPC CRC Study Guide Booklet

  3. Earn 8 CEUs


Certified Inpatient Coder Course

This course instills the fundamental medical coding skills for an inpatient hospital/ facility workplace and prepares the student to excel in their AAPC Certification exam for this specialty.

  1. Compliance

  2. Inpatient Coding

  3. Inpatient Payment Methodologies

  4. Inpatient Prospective Payment System

  5. Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups

  6. Medical Terminology, Anatomy, Physiology

  7. Medical Record & Healthcare Documentation 

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